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May 5
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Fluffy Nekoi Auction (Closed) by Kawiku Fluffy Nekoi Auction (Closed) by Kawiku
Sorry, this auction is already over! ;w;

Autobought  by :iconendpocalypse: Thank you!! <333

I really like how this design turned out!

Starting Bid: $15 or 1500 :points:
Minimum Increase:  $2 or 200 :points:
Autobuy: --

Please read the rules before bidding!

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku You can choose to bid with points Points or usd. Convertion: $1 = 100points

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku Please bid by replying to the highest bid in the bidding thread.

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku Confusing bids and comments will be hidden to avoid confusion.

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku Serious bidders only: do not bid what you cannot afford or pay within a few days.

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku Auction ends in 48h, +1h per new bids after that (snipe guard).

Blue Square Bullet by Kawiku The winner will receive the un-watermarked transparent version and may change minor details of the design.
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SkyLee-The-Fursona Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Omg the colors on this... its so beutiful.. congrats on the lucky autobuy!

Is it bad that I was looking though my old notebooks and found a cat with dragon wings and a fish tail? Would it be considered copywrite if I did not know about this speices back then and made something similar? Time to look through the comments.
LastKrystalDragon Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014
Those comments about ,,stealing money'' just made me laught XD

What about fish-kitty? I think it's kinda cute :3
Love this colours~
WildberriesPounce Featured By Owner Edited Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Do people not read your replies to the "150 is ridiculous'' comments? seriously. She heard it once, she doesn't need to know 5 more times. Think? really. Think? I don't even have words about that kind of direct. I love your Nekois, heck, I love all your art work. I wouldn't go buy it 150$ but that's up to people what they do with their money.
Too high for your watchers? You said it's your job selling artwork and I see where you are about 'If I make a cat with fins and a tail, I'm copying whoever' because you do have certain qualities. Like how sushi dogs have shut eyes and a swirled bandanna always and it's like that.

Oh! and also, I thought(and still do.) your other blue and gold Nekoi was gorgeous, now this, it just takes the whole cake and eats it one bite!
Ichigo-Mirukuseki Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
3, not 5 times.
It's ok to me if you want to spend that much money for a Nekoi.
I just express my opinion about it.
And I love Nekois too, they are cute and amazing,
but, It's impossible for me to have one.
Kawiku Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
lol, I know right? xD I receive the same complaints all the time, I could literally copy-paste my replies, but people don't seem to even bother looking or reading these before complaining x_x so I'm not even sure why I would bother replying to them.
Ichigo-Mirukuseki Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I agree with Kyasarinn and PiekarzPL.
I really want to have a Nekoi but i'm not that stupid to pay 150$ for an artwork, that prices are too high.
On EVERY your Nekoi auction/adopt prices is too big for many of your watchers.
i can't make a cat with fish tail because everyone will think that i made a nekoi withour your prmission.
You should open your Species for some time and let your watchers make a stupid cat with fish tail.
And don't say that "it's their choice to spend their money on what they want",
they just don't care about money.
Many people work really hard to have money and they will not lost it for an artwork!
You should think about it. 
Kawiku Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014
Did you even read my other replies? As I said $150 is only the autobuy, it's not the price I'm originally selling it for.

And yes, you CAN make a cat with a fish tail, I don't own the cat+fish idea. If people think you are copying or stealing from me, they are the ones who are wrong.

And yes, it is THEIR choice where they want to spend their money. Some people truly enjoy purchasing characters they like and develop them.  It's rude to tell someone they don't care about money because they have different interests than you and would rather spend it on something that you would not.
Ichigo-Mirukuseki Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Yes, I read them
I know $150 it's autobuy, but i would never autobuy it for that high.
I understand it's your work, but come on,
Nekoi auction shoud be for $5 or 500 :points:,
not for $15 or 1500 :points:.
They are not THAT creative species to cost so much, i don't want to insult you or something.
but it's true, they are just a cats with fish tails,
not a really hard designed creatures.

I just don't like when people accuse me me that I steal.
but ok, those are your species, not mine.

I would spend money for Nekoi
but, i don't like spending lot of money for an artwork.
And i'm sorrry, i didn't wanted to be rude.
ok, i understand, I'm glad you reply.
PiekarzPL Featured By Owner Edited Jul 22, 2014
I totally agree with Kyasarinn's opinion (to read below)... and if you think that selling this fish-cat for 150 dollars is fair, you're wrong. I wanted to tell that you should deeply think about it. Word "unfair" doesn't reflect a whole situation, it's something much bigger and worse. In my opinion it's just stealing money from people. Do you think everybody have this amount of money to buy just one freaking artwork? 150$ is too high price, unattainable for a lot of people. It's just fucking cat with fish tail! Here are better (and pay-able) things to buy on dA than this. I forgot to tell that "Nekoi" was made some time ago... before you. And you meanly closed the species. Really unfair decision for other artists. Maybe you also close wolfs with wings soon? I don't care that you won't read this, probably your fans will do it (and for some reason they'll start to hating me and Kyasarinn, who's my friend). And I'm satisfied that I wrote this frank comment. We have freedom of speech, right? And I only used it...
Kawiku Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Of course, you have the right to express yourself.

You are right, not everyone have this amount of money to spend on a drawing/design. But buying art is considered a luxury and not a need. You don't need it to live, but some people enjoy it. And it's their choice to spend their money on what they want, I'm not forcing anyone to buy or to pay the high price for it, an autobuy in an auction is only here if someone REALLY want it that badly to pay this amount. It's their choice to do it that way and I am not forcing them, I am simply putting it as an available option. Closing a species do not mean you can claim EVERY single thing about it. I never claimed to own cats with fish tails. Everyone can still do that and that's perfectly OK. A closed species is not only about the physical look, it's also about their habits and behaviors, much more is involved, it's about the mix of everything.
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